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we are deep thinkers, dreamers, hard workers, nerds, gypsies, beach combers, lovers, parents, sisters, and brothers. we are copper magnolia. we are creators, born and bred in silicon valley, living to bring the right message to the right audience, help them feel it and want to come in. if your audience is one shopper or 10,000 developers we have the experience to bring them a story that will sing.

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our partners trust us to overcome challenges and achieve the impossible when it comes to:
brand management
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campaign strategy
digital & traditional advertising (creative, planning & buying)
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Key Guidelines for Successful Investor Presentations

With the increasing pace and competitiveness of business ventures, an effective investor presentation is one of the critical success factors in the fundraising process. Presentations are both an art and a science as they are critical to communicating your vision. Check out this ebook on Amazon.com >>

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Want a better pitch? Watch this!

Three weeks ago, the CMO of a San Francisco startup backed by A-list investors emailed me about her new sales deck. “It lacks oomph,” she said. “The information is there. The slides look great. But we’re not telling a compelling story. Can you help?” read more >    

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how to crowdsource a book proposal in 10 not so easy steps

Step 1: Identify target readers. We developed a list of people to interview that represents the audience we want to reach. We made sure it was diverse in multiple ways – gender, race, professional background, and geography. read more >

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